My RoleDesign &  Photo Art Direction

Creative Direction: Willow Hill

Web Development: Jung  Hwang

Photography:  Fiona y Eduardo

Studio: Scout Lab Inc.


  • Positioning

  • Visual Identity

  • Web Design

  • Packaging

Spktrm Beauty

Spktrm is a Gen-z focused DTC make-up brand representing a new generation of beauty. Spktrm was created upon a foundation of inclusiveness to all forms of beauty and gender identifications. Pairing a skin tone matching technology with the shopping experience, Spktrm is pioneering the world of beauty as a venture that aligns with cause-driven consumers. Details such as an ADA compliant website and braille packaging for the visually impaired consumer were fully considered during the design process, supporting the mission of accessibility. From the brand mark and color palette to the effortless and un-touched photo style, the Spktrm identity aims to visually convey the unapologetic attitude of the brand. The Spktrm consumer is bold, self-loving, and committed to highlighting the beauty in all.


The Brandmark

The wordmark was animated to mirror the braille letters for the word Spktrm. With Spktrm being the first beauty brand to consider braille as a part of its packaging experience, we wanted to celebrate that equally in the digital space. After consulting with a few visually impaired beauty lovers, we decided to use braille as an expression throughout the brand landscape in order to raise awareness around beauty inclusivity.

Spktrm Overview.png
spktrm 1.png
spktrm 2.png
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